About Row Eleven Wine Company

Everybody has a story... Ours is a romance evolved from two simple truths: We love wine, and we love our customers.


Enough said? Maybe… But here’s a little more:


The Row Eleven Wine Company was founded in 2004 in California by well-known winemaker Richard de los Reyes and veteran entrepreneur and private investor Ken Conner. From the start, Row Eleven has had the advantage of knowing where the best soils and vineyards are for growing Pinot Noir grapes.


We waited seventeen years before we started, using that time to study other winemakers’ successes and failures. We learned the best techniques for every vineyard.


In 2005, Craig Boggs joined Row Eleven as a partner and National Sales Manager. He brought to Row Eleven over twenty years of experience in marketing and sales. As a result of the partnership, Row Eleven immediately opened fourteen states in one of the most difficult distribution eras in the history of the wine industry.


Row Eleven’s philosophy is that fresh grapes make better wine. So, Row Eleven crushes its grapes within 30 minutes of harvesting – every time. The result? Delicious wine. Row Eleven practices classical style winemaking with a modern twist to produce multi-dimensional wines.


Row Eleven’s specialty? Pinot Noir – one of the hardest wines to make as it comes from the most tempestuous grapes.  “One minute the wine is beautiful and open and the next moody and closed,” says Richard, “You hold your breath when you release these wines to the world. But when everything is right, they are in a world all their own.”


Some Row Eleven facts:


    • Row Eleven sells wines under four brand names: Row Eleven, Stratton Lummis, Civello and RDLR The Magician.
    • The Row Eleven brand sells four Pinot Noirs: Santa Maria, Napa, Russian River Valley and a California blend, Viñas 3. We also make a Rosé.
    • Our Winemaker’s phone number is on every Pinot Noir cork.
    • Crushing is within 30 minutes of picking from the vineyard.
    • Row Eleven Wine Company gives people a taste of great vineyards at a very fair price, making our products a wonderful value purchase.
    • Row Eleven is a wonderful complement to the finest dishes. The nation’s top sommeliers and chefs serve Row Eleven wines in the best restaurants, resorts, wine bars and wine shops across the US. This includes The Four Seasons Hotel Group; Alain Ducasse; Wolfgang Puck’s Postrio, Cut and Spago; Emeril Lagasse’s Table 10 and Delmonico’s ; Melissa Kelly’s Primo; Charlie Trotter’s; Michael Mina’s Knob Hill; The Fountainbleu Hotel Miami Beach; St. Regis Hotel NYC and many more.

We currently do not have a tasting room.


Reach us at 415-259-2770; fax us at 415-259-0180, or use our contact form to email us. Our sales offices are located at 135 Third Street, Suite 100, San Rafael, California 94901. Questions regarding distribution? Direct them to our National Sales Manager and partner, Craig Boggs.

One Minute with Winemaker
Richard de los Reyes
(aka Ricardo d.)

Challenges of making
Pinot Noir

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