We’re glad you’re here. Though we’ve just met, we know more than a little about you. How? We know you like fine wine, and that says a great deal about a person.

Now, let us tell you a little about us…  Like you, we love wine. And we channel that love into each bottle of Row Eleven, Stratton Lummis, Riddler, Civello and RDLR The Magician that we make.

“I think of each vineyard as an instrument and each vintage as a jazz concert.”

Winemaker Richard de los Reyes

In 2004 the three of us – a winemaker, an entrepreneur and a sales executive – founded Row Eleven Wine Company.

We harvest grapes from the best rows of California’s finest vineyards in Santa Maria, the Russian River Valley and the Napa Valley. We found that the eleventh row in one of our favorite vineyards was the very best. And so, the name Row Eleven…

  • We harvest grapes from several vineyard appellations (locations), each having optimal growing conditions.
  • Each of our wines, whether they are pinot noirs, cabernets, chardonnays or Napa reds, taste multi-layered and unique in a classical, old-world meets new-world style.
  • We crush Row Eleven grapes within 30 minutes of picking them because fresher grapes make better wine.
  • We often mix whole berries, crushed berries, and some stems, fermenting at cooler than normal temperatures.
  • Our winemaking is visionary and traditional. Our product both simple and complex.

We give our customers the best wine at the lowest possible price… a taste of the finest California vineyards that costs well below what you’d normally pay for the same quality. Row Eleven wines will expand your world.

Now go explore the rest of our website. And remember… Wine makes all things possible.